Floridasmedicalmarijuana.com Explain Content of Cannabis Can Cure Some Diseases

(E) -BCP (Beta-caryophyllene)

(E) -BCP is a component of natural anti-inflammatory that can be found in foods such as oregano, carrots, black pepper, lemon, basil, cinnamon and celery. Unlike THC, the cannabinoid this does not affect the brain, which means it does not produce a psychotropic effect. Researchers say (E) -BCP could be an effective treatment for pain, arthritis [inflammation of the joints], cirrhosis [inflammation and poor liver function], nausea, osteoarthritis [joint disease], atherosclerosis [a condition in which the walls of the arteries thicken as as a result of excess fats such as cholesterol], and other diseases without making the patient feel “high”.

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CBG (Cannabigerol)

CBG is the first cannabinoid produced by this plant. CBG is the biogenetic originator of all the marijuana compounds. CBG has a sedative effect and antimicrobial properties, and causes drowsiness. Studies show that CBG may reduce intraocular pressure [pressure of fluid in the eye] in glaucoma patients [patients with disorders of the eye where the optic nerve is damaged in permanent visual and can lead to blindness if not treated] and contribute to its antibiotic properties in cannabis itself.